If you are one of those people who love to customize the look of their smartphone, then GO Launcher EX is the app for you. Through this app, Android users can give an all-new look to their smartphone at their own free will.

GO Launcher EX is the extended version of the original GO Launcher. What really works out for this app is the bells and whistles it sports. You can customize everything from home-screen, themes, smooth operation experience, as well as other practical utilities that are thrown in the packaging.

GO Launcher EX gives any Android phone an UI that was platform specific previously. In essence, users get the HTC 3D cube UI on their Android smartphone, and the folder option just screams iOS from the first-look. For example, an HTC Sensation user using GO Launcher EX can use an all new UI and dump the default HTC Sense; Samsung users can replace Touch Wiz; and DROID users can replace Motoblur. All without breaking a sweat.

After installing the application and hitting the ‘Home’ button, a option message pops-up. Stating the default User-Interface to be used, depending on the handset manufacturer and their default UI. The greatest feature is the option of custom icons, theme icons and default icon.

The application also provides with some really nice home-screen animation options, and it really does give a new-look to your smartphone. Unlike other Theme apps, GO Launcher EX does not mess up the smartphone fluidity and intuitiveness. Everything stays the same, without any sacrifice on the performance of the handset.

A number of GO Launcher add-ons are available, making the entire UI of your Android smartphone an eye-candy and at the same time increasing the productivity of the handset. Android Market is flooded with GO Launcher EX themes, and the one that caught my attention was the Honeycomb GO Launcher EX.

This particular theme really gives the Android Honeycomb look with the entire color scheme, Use-Interface, Icons, widgets, app tray and transitions. Not to forget, the overwhelming response this UI has received. To get more GO Launcher EX themes, just search for GO Launcher EX themes in the Android Market, and spoil yourself with the choices.

The developer website says that version 2.62 is due for release next week.

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