If you are the gamer who has been hooked to the likes of Final Fantasy, then we just have picked out the perfect offering for your gaming taste buds. Avenger on Android is the answer to the Final Fantasy series, with graphics, characters and music sharing an uncanny resemblance to the popular franchise.

Created by CWA Games, this developer has made quite a remarkable move with their previous titles on the Android market and Avenger does not stay anywhere behind them.

Avenger is very similar to “Castle of Shadows”, but provides a much more fluent and easy playing gaming experience. The biggest thumbs-up for this game would be, that it needs no Internet connectivity for gameplay. The game houses some of the best weapon selections, awesome character skills, a fluid gameplay structure and some very visually detailed graphics.

In-game players need to take on the role of a hero, out there to save the world and the human race from an impending disaster. In a war that took place between Justice and Evil, the former won, but the devils who were defeated did not give up so easily. They built a castle and enslaved humans, and they want to use them to destroy this world!

Overall, the game is great and does deserve a notice at the least. It is above average and really outdoes some of the more popular free games. Many users have shown their desire for the game to punch in a better storyline, but nevertheless, Avenger does make its mark.

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