Stewart Villain’s fervent rap style is bursting with risky shifts and sharp metaphors untamed as a wild animal. Keeping No Manners appealing from the first to the last track is his lyrical adroitness.

This clever rapper can spit words in a minute and can amazingly turn it into a musical masterwork. No Manners is a 12-track project full of hard-hitting beats and reckless lyricism.

Gang$igns production mixes a couple of firecracking beats to create rhythms for Lord featuring Milc. The thumping bass combined with Stewart’s keen musical taste will keep your adrenaline pulsating.

No Moons brags an unquestionably outrageous rhyme from LA transplant Matt Andujo.If you are looking for a jam that will keep you fired up  all night, then you have to play this track.

Another song that will jolt you from your seats is  Back Blocks, which features an potent lyricism from Dvnny set amidst booming, lowtempo beats.

While it stumble sometimes, No Manners is an enjoyable listen that succeeds in lyrical dexterity and raw talent. Stewart Villain is slowly coming out of his shell, and it will be a treat to see this artist in full bloom.

Track List:
1. Crazy Feat.iLLA
2. Beautiful Struggle Feat.Tope
3. Lord – Feat.Milc (Prod.Gang$igns)
4. No Church – Feat.Covae (Prod.Trox)
5. Know What Im Like – Feat Like [Pac Div] (Prod.Mike Weed)
6. Back Blocks – Feat Dvnny $eth (Prod.Stewart Villain)
7. 100 Thousand Miles – Feat. Matt Andujo 02:50
8. Neon Dreamz (Prod.Timeless One)
9. Lights (Prod.1NE HUNNID)
10. Chvins – Cassow X Stewart Villain
11. No Moons – Feat Matt Andujo (Prod.GANG$IGNS)
12. Smoking x Trippy (Prod.Magic Fades)

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