Wikipedia might have received a wide array of custom apps on the iOS platform already, but Wikiamo could just be one of the best of such apps out there so far. As an intuitive Wikipedia viewer, it makes the entire reading process a pure joy. Developed by Satoshi Nakagawa, the app is really uncluttered and provides the readers with a host of options for the best Wikipedia article viewing.


There have been various DJ apps that help in mixing music and other audio data right on the device itself, but here comes something totally different. Taptu is like a full-fledged DJ app, but instead of mixing music, this one mixes all the social news in a jiffy. Created by Taptu themselves, the developers brainstorming sessions have really done wonders for this masterpiece of an app. The developers has quite a few other apps developed, but Taptu seems to be a whole new ball game altogether.