Time to move away those HD games, high-end file managers and everything that makes Android so desirable. This app is for the fun-loving crowd and it does it in the best possible way. Android is a very capable ecosystem and there is nothing greater than making the Android Mascot according to your taste. Welcome Androidify, the app that will make Android your own.

Created by Google Inc., Androidify is the app to have and make the cute little green droid all yours.

Every developer on the Android market has brought out the highest customization app, but no one has ever thought of an app that could personalize the cute-little-green-droid itself. Well, its here and it is great. Androidify allows users to customize the Android mascot as anyone they desire. So it could look like you, your family member, your enemy, your neighbor, etc.

Users can now shrink the Android, stretch it, add a hobby, style the hair, throw on some cool glares, or just make it an awesome looking pirate. The app is very simple to use and highly on the intuitive side, earning itself some extra brownie points. On firing up the app, a large monster is displayed and from there everything is just a walk-in-the-park. Pinch to shrink or hold outwards to expand. The best part about the customization would be the ability to increase and decrease only a certain part of the Droid, so it could either be the head, the hands, the legs or the torso. The app is well sort out and well executed.

There are a plethora of options available for the users with multiple choices of hairstyles, glares, facial hair. Users can also add trousers, shoes, accessories, and also choose the Android’s skin color. Overall, this is one great app that will never fail to impress the user, with the plethora of options available to the user, Androidify is the app to sport in your app drawer.

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