If iOS is your choice for all of your needs and study makes it to the list, then Flashcards* is the app to feature on your iOS device homescreen. The app includes easy-to-use studying applications with materials for all class or standardized tests, giving users the full-option to create their own material as well.

Created by Jeff Holiday Software, the developer has a fascination for education apps and Flashcards* seems to highlight this fact in full glory. iOS apps have always sported a touch of panache to their names, due to the stringent Apple App Store checks and Flashcards* is really an awesome app.

There are many educational apps that support the use of flashcards, but the area where Flashcards* truly stands out is the huge support for large decks, deck sharing, images, intuitive gestures, and support for heavy duty high-resolution images without breaking a sweat.

Flashcards* is a sophisticated app that does not go overboard in any area and truly makes it a joy for the user to navigate through. Users get a very fluid way to add decks and even the option to edit decks is thrown-in. The fluidity shared with Dropbox is another more than welcome function.

Users can also download and edit decks from Quizlet, which is one of the leading online study websites. Moreover, users on the iPod Touch need not be connected 24×7 as Quazlet decks added to Flashcards* library can be studied and edited offline, surely a big plus point when being connected to the web is next to impossible.

Overall, the Flashcards* app is one masterpiece and definitely the best one till date on the App Store. The app being a free one has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and productivity. A big thumbs-up to the developer for creating a masterpiece in its own right.

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