Revolution is in the air and it’s happening in your own bathroom!

From the magical house of ESMA comes another animated wonder in Au Poil! (English sub-titled version) by Julie Duvernelli and Nicolas Perraguin.

This short piece takes its place in the revolting human washroom where objects have been ranked into a caste system—the glamorous jobs and the filthy ones. When the toilet scrub and cotton buds try to overthrow the lipstick and perfume spray, a messy riot is bound to happen.

The film reeks of toilet humor flawlessly sprawled throughout its 5-minute runtime. I love how it introduces us to a lot of fresh and unique characters. The production value was top-notch, from the graphics, character design, voice over and musical scoring.

Technicality aside, the story in itself is a miniature model of the proletariat system. It’s a battle for privilege and freedom executed in a humor-cracked way.

Overall, Au Poil! is a highly-amusing and visually enticing French animation with a message. It’s that kind of film that’s not afraid to get dirty.

The short features the voices of Frank Zerbib, Stephane Gourdon, Bernadette Rignac and Corinne Lecomte. It’s wonderful music is by Frederic Varot.

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