Usually while browsing the web on the smartphone, the tiny screen is not the only distraction, it is the clutter of the mobile web-pages and the numerous adverts. So if this is the source of your distraction, then it is time to install the Readability app on your device and make reading a pleasurable experience.

Developed by Readability, LLC., the app is a great product and really does the job without beating around the bush. The Safari browser on iOS 5 already has this feature, but users who want a more personalized experience will surely dive-in to try this one.

The Readability app turns any website into a clean and easy to read experience; you can also save a given web page to read the content at a later time. To a users’ surprise, the app works very well and intelligently finds out the content to be ironed out of sight. Users can catch up on reading what they have saved with the free Readability add-on for the web browser.

The activation of the Readability feature helps in making the entire web-page layout a clean, uncluttered, elegant, single-column reading view, with the typography provided by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Users who are very particular about their reading material will love the customization options such as adjusting type size, contrast and margins according to their liking. Moreover, with Facebook integration, users can post their favorite reads along with comments on the social-networking site in a jiffy.

Overall, the app is great and with the web-browser add-on and the dedicated app, reading articles on the device will no more be annoying. Moreover, users of Readability enjoy an unlimited, searchable archive that syncs on the web. As soon as users are done reading an article, simply tap it to archive.

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