Android users might have the best mobile-computing tool in their hands with the latest ‘Superphone’, but what really takes away the excitement is the below par battery life. Heavy-duty users and hardcore gamers feel let down with the ever decreasing battery backup, so here we present a perfect solution for the demanding battery needs.

Developed by LateDroid, JuiceDefender is a perfect solution for saving battery from dying at the most crucial point. The app works very well and most are more than just happy.

The developer claims the app reclaims the battery and extends the backup considerably, well, the test results just nail the statement bang-on. JuiceDefender has very fine power management integrated within the main-frame of the app and this makes it a very successful power saving manager.

So, basically, JuiceDefender keeps a close watch on all the power-hungry resources, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, active background applications, GPS and the likes. So, the app senses the battery percentage and according takes action on power-saving depending on the power saving profile that is activated.

There are 5 profiles available in the app, namely Balanced (default), Aggressive, Extreme, Customize and Advanced; though, Extreme, Customize and advanced can be unlocked via the purchase of JuiceDefender Plus or JuiceDefender Ultimate. The app automatically switches between 3G and 2G data network for optimal battery performance.

The main highlighted features of the app are home screen battery widget, automatic data toggle, enable Wi-Fi only at home and disable outside, CPU scaling while idling, smart brightness control and a comprehensive connectivity schedule. Even the user-interface of the app is great with a full black theme which looks really sick. The app is also quite user-friendly and does not take much time getting about the functions.

Overall, the app is very efficient and does the job well. Users will particularly love JuiceDefender as it does not hog power in the background, but does what it says. Moreover, the widgets help in quick access and detail tracking of the resource management. To quote results, JuiceDefender was tried on a Samsung Galaxy SII which had a battery back-up of 17 hours prior to installation. After installing JuiceDefender, the battery backup jumped to a whooping one-and-a-half days with the same usage pattern.

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