Running games have never been the ones to create a hype, but not anymore, at-least not with I Must Run! Reloaded. It has shown us that games such as this one can be addictive and fun too.

This little treat has been brought to life by Gamelion Studios, a developer that has quite a few entertaining games in their kitty, but I Must Run! Reloaded is the only free app offering from this stable. Will it be worth the play time? Lets check it out.

It is here that players need to run for their life, exactly what the name suggests. It is an endless runner game featuring vast locations, non-stop jumping, sliding and punching action. It is a dream come true for Endless Runner Game lovers. The plot is solid, with the main character being an apparent escaped convict who “must run” through all locations in order to save his wife before the clock runs out.

Gameplay is at its pounding best with the feel of excitement, sense of urgency and adrenaline rush being pushed by the developer. There are plenty of pitfalls, obstacles, and ways to easily die the more you advance within the levels. The game boasts a total of 6 game locations and the thing that makes it all the more exciting is the rag-doll physics that has been adopted. Truly, this game is addictive and well developed.

Overall, I Must Run! Reloaded has its own share of in-app purchases, but if played in a well thought manner, you will not have to give them a second-look. The game is clean, well-planned, addictive and a great time killing monster. My personal rating 4 out-of-5-stars.

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