If you are looking for a way to enhance your lovely little device by adding your own personal touch wether it would be to the wallpaper, theme, transitions or something as basic and simple as the ringtone, there is one app that you should not miss, Sound Effects.

Created by Life Mobile, which came up with other great utility apps for the Android ecosystem, Sound Effects does not disappoint.

The app really does the job well and not only does it work neatly on the higher-end monster phones, but also on the entry level Androids. What personally appeals to me is the simplicity that has been integrated from the scratch. It is a no fuss utility solution and does its job so very well.

Users have the option to listen to the sound and also assign them as personal ringtones for contacts, alarm tones or just as a normal notification tone. The app houses more than 100 sound effects with a complete list on the Google Play download page. The user-interface of the app is very slick, with black as the dominant shade all over and yellow and white thrown in here and there.

Overall, the Sound Effects app is one killer deal for all people who just want a breather from the in-built device ringtones. Sound Effects features some very funny tones and some effects will sound much more crisp and clearer on the higher-end droids.

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