Ever wished your smartphone could also be the main media controller? Well, your wish has just been answered with the invasion of Gmote 2.0 on the Android platform. This is one app that takes PC/Mac media capabilities to the next level.

Developed by Marc Stogaitis & Mimi Sun, people behind a variety of apps already on the market, they really did a remarkable job with Gmote 2.0

The app setup is as easy as 1-2-3. Users will just need to download Gmote Client on their Android smartphone and simultaneously, install the Gmote Server client on your PC/Mac. One this step has been performed perfectly with the password setup, search for a server on the Android smartphone and it shows up the IP address of the setup PC. Voila! that is it, you are all ready to go.

The Gmote allows users to stream music, PowerPoint slide-shows and Images from their handset to their PC/Mac. So, the on-screen control consists of a Stop, Previous, Next, Play, and a Pause button on the device and are the only options available for media-playback. This is not all, users can also launch and navigate websites. For the more lazy-at-heart, Gmote 2.0 also transforms the users default Android device as a keyboard and touchpad over an active Wi-Fi connection and with the latest updated version 2.0.4 the usability is better and improved.

The Gmote 2.0 is a very fulfilling app with a very sophisticated integration system. Under-the-hood the app has it all and being offered for free, it is a complete steal. Users with multiple systems in their home, home-office, and work will be pleased as the app supports the Windows, Mac and Linux platform very efficiently.

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