Many people have a habit of playing around with pictures and adding various effects for fun. Well than, if you are one of them Old Photo PRO is the perfect solution for your iOS device. With Old Photo PRO, you will have the option to give a complete golden-era touch to the pictures.

The app was developed by Deion Mobile and is a very casual application for some light-hearted fun.

The basic idea of the app is to show the user how pictures would look if taken a decade ago. The effects, sketching, look and feel of the photographs look very genuine and has a dash of authenticity to the final product. The application allows the user to edit the picture manually by changing the saturation level, paper-type, film color, color hues, or you can simply leave all the creative decisions to the app itself.

Old Photo PRO allows you to save the result and gives the option to directly share the edited picture using the direct send option. The app offers really nice interface with very fun features thrown-in for more fun. In addition, the users have the option to view photo in High Resolution by making an in-app purchase of $2.99, though the free version picture results are more than satisfactory.

A version of this app has also been just released for Android Devices and is now available free on the Google Play.

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