Green River Ordinance (GRO) looks like their ready to steer the wheel to stardom.

The pop-rock group composed of John Jenkins, Jamey Ice, Joshua Wilkerson, Geoff Ice, Denton Hunker have greatly evolved from their childhood in Forth Worth, Texas to the release of their latest album Under Fire and their current North American tour. The seven-track GRO Free Sampler offers a sneak peak on the band’s pleasant offerings.

An explosion of sharp guitar strums and steady drum beats open in Heart of Me. GRO starts slow, rough and sexy. Jenkins’ voice is perfect to the track’s pop rock aesthetic.

Venturing on the acoustic side, Dancing Shoes is laced up with earthly vocals and potent lyricsm. Ambient harmonica solos add a country flair to the track.

On Your Own plays up with our senses through heart-piercing lines and playful piano keys. While Out of My Hands goes back to the rock sensibilty that’s been left in the first song.

Boosting with a plethora of loud drum beats and stingy electric guitars, Don’t Give Up places GRO on the frontstage. The harmony of each instrument is impeccable. Even in the loud parts, the instruments don’t overpower each other.

Sealing the collection with a positive and upbeat vibe, Come On is a perfect anthem for weekend road trips. I personally like how the rock aspect of the track blends flawlessly with its pop melodies.

Green River Ordinance have proven their maturity as artists. Though it’s a free sampler, the whole set sounds like its ready to hit sound waves. The band has successfully ignite everyone’s curiosities, leaving us wanting for more!

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