This album by NKVD is for those Music-Crazy people who just believe in one thing, and that is to bring the entire house down. NKVD: DEGENERATION is an Metal-Electronic Cybre Genre product, promising loads of bass, techno, metal and cyber beats. A particular song from the album that caught my personal attention was "Human Conception", it is hardcore metal and suddenly ventures into the Electronic arena, and pops up back with the Metal stuff. Metal fans are in for a treat to their ears with the amount of detailing put into the songs. Another track recommended is "Shadows and Blood", the song just screams Evil and Pain.

London: 4:20 The Album

In Hip Hop, itís always been refreshing when a certain artist takes a new approach on a worn-out subject. In 4:20 The Album, hip hop and r&b sensation London transposes the idea of drugs into different soundscapes. Influenced with a cohesive theme, What You Smoking On welcomes the listener with heart-pumping drum beats. Londonís stellar vocals blend smoothly with danceable beats.

Various Artists: These Shaky Isles

Thereís both a sense of well-known comfort and exploring foreign territories in These Shakey Isles, a mixtape by various artists released by Lilí Chief Records. Lilí Chief Records is a New Zealand independent record label that aims to achieve a specific aesthetic to pop music. Since their first release in 2002 (Hold Hands Feeding Ducks by The Brunettes), the recordís dream of a pop collective has already taken shape with numerous releases from their growing numbers of artists, and a two-page article on the Londonís Sunday Times.

Jeff Carl: EP

In Jeff Carlís latest EP, the NY based singer/songwriter is in his honest, fun, live-in-the-moment attitude. Released last August 16, 2011 under Q Productions , this latest musical effort features five acoustic pop songs that are ready to hit the radio waves. Intro track Iíll Be Gone Tomorrrow is packed with just the right dose of sunshine to lift the gloomy days ahead. Jeffís radio-polished vocals is a treat to the ears.