The Brain Age Game, as the name infers, finds out your brain age. It also trains your brain in minutes a day and is super fun for all ages.

It consists of a variety of tests for memory performance and problem solving using touch and voice function already on your phone to analyze your reflexes, concentration, memory and mathematical abilities.

Far more than a one off diagnosis, The Brain Age Game is a little tool on your phone that you can pull out while sitting on the train or waiting for an appointment. It features a heaps of different puzzles so you won’t get bored, some fun and some scientific.

Brain Age allows up to four players to save profiles on one DS game card, and so you and your friends can interact with each other in different ways. There are five modes of play – Brain Age Check, Training, Quick Play, Download, and Sudoku.

Another feature that lightens up these brain tests is Professor Kawashima, your Japanese guru, who prompts and encourages you.

Okay, it’s scientific effectiveness may not be precise, but there are some proven tests like the stoop test (which measure you speed and ability to notice details). As a phone app the Brain Age Game is entertaining, challenging and get people talking – all of what you might expect.

It’s a great challenge ready to boost children’s memory development, and it certainly won’t hurt in keeping the aging brains sharp and ready.

In your Android market you’ll find the game is called ‘The Brain Age Game’ while in your iTunes store it will be called ‘The Brain Age Test’.

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