Alien Swarm is a top down shoot em up where up to 4 players can co-op. Developed by Valve Corporation your objective is to go through the various levels and destroy the aliens. It’s a fast paced game that provides plenty of action, and the science fiction theme levels, plus the assorted weapons, raise it above the average freeware shoot em up.

There are four types of Marines in the game, the Special Weapon, Tech, Medic and the Officer, each of which has unique abilities. The game itself is fast paced, and while your objective is to get to the exit at each level, it’s very exciting as aliens just keep appearing in droves.


Because the game is in third person view you will see your enemies as they come, very useful. Unlike other games, the aiming control in Alien Swarm is very accurate. There’s also a lot of stress on player co-op, and in many cases you need their help to make it out of the level. This is an online action shoot fest at its best, and it’s pretty atmospheric.

Alien Swarm is a solid game, and the levels are well made. The weapons, particularly the chain gun and the flamethrower, are really cool. The game is under active development so more levels are always being added. Alien Swarm also has a very strong replay factor so it’s not something you will get tired of quickly. Overall this is a great game you can play with your friends and have lots of fun in the process.

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