Here is something for all those who just cannot get enough of casual gaming titles on their smartphones. Ninja Dash is one offering that every gamer at heart will love and adore to the fullest, all owing to the sweet graphics and intuitive play style integrated within the ecosystem.

Created by Mouse Games, this developer has produced some rather sad titles in the past, but things seem to have taken a turn with their Ninja Dash offering.

The game offers crisp visuals and a very cute ninja all decked in black. In-game, players need to collect special weapons and avoid obstacles in order to get the maximum distance in their name. Another Jetpack Joyride rip-off friends, but it still holds a decent place.

The game features three difficulty levels; Easy, Hard and Crazy. All the modes have been designed quite well and provide a satisfactory gaming experience to the player with no doubt. Controls are easy and do not require the player to break a sweat over the gameplay. A simple touch of the ‘jump’ button enables the ninja to jump over the obstacles, a double tap of the jump button enables a higher leaps over objects. The slide button enables leaps or slips to collect weapons for health increase.

The game currently boasts with 29 achievements and the developer promises to add more very soon. The game is very simple and requires no strategies or high-end planning. Overall, a great time killer that does its job in a more than adequate way.

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