Blendimals is a cute puzzle platformer where you’ll need to blend various animals together to create exciting news ones. You’ll then need to use the abilities of the newly created animals to overcome the various obstacles in the game.

Don’t be fooled by the bright, eye popping, colorful graphics; this game isn’t just meant for children but it’s perfect for adults and kids-at-heart as well. The game was created by DADIU production (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment,) with 11 students manning the helm for the project. The team calls themselves the Exploding Cow.

Since one animal’s skills can’t make it through certain obstacles, you’ll need to create your own special blend of creatures and use their skills to overcome the levels. According to Dennis Nielsen, director for the game; they wanted “to make a fun, relaxed and challenging game that most people would enjoy. It had to have a crazy humor and not be serious in any way!”

How do you mix the animals together? Well, with the help of a giant blender, of course. Simply toss the creatures in there and hit high. Afterwards, you can then use the patchwork of animals to finish the level. The graphics are cartoony which adds to the goofy feel of the game.¬†As for the music, it suits the game to a tee. Sometimes, you even forget you’re playing and not just watching a cartoon.¬†Overall, this is certainly a game worth downloading. Not only is it fun but it’s very funny as well.

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