Have your own set of interests, but really find it difficult coming across that perfect content to match your satisfaction? Well, StumbleUpon is just the app ready to satisfy taste buds of thousands of smartphone users who just love finding out new stuff connected to their point-of-interest.

Created by StumbleUpon Inc, the app work as an extension to the popular website used by nearly 20 million users and just like our desktop companion this little masterpiece gets the job done well in a jiffy.

This app is one-of-the-easiest way to discover new and interesting content from across the Web. The search results thrown up are quite interesting and have a high relevancy rate to the user. The most interesting part of the app is the inclusion of the “Stumble!” button which throws up the relevant search results when pressed.

Users can also swipe across their device’s screen to generate new photos, videos, web pages and more. All this is shared by people of similar interests and this is what makes the whole app so intuitive on the whole. This app is sure to throw many surprises and take you aback with the many variations it has to offer.

The social-networking addict gets it all with the ability to share links via email, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and others. The app immediately syncs the mobile account with the web account, so browsing through the sites is like a walk-in-the-park. Overall, the app is great and is loaded to the gills. Surely a must have for every Droid and iOS user.

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