Time for yet another casual game and this time around it is for the iPad. Dizzypad HD is a no-fuss game with simple controls and sweet graphics. There is nothing over-the-top about it, but at the same time it does manage to hold on its own firm ground.

Created by NimbleBit LLC, the developer has done a good job with Dizzypad and managed to add a vey nice touch to the entire game, concept and game-play. Definitely a must-try for all iPad owners.

For starters, Dizzypad HD is for the casual gamers who would like something entertaining during their office commute, between breaks or just need a perfect recipe to kill time and boredom. Dizzypad HD consists of four modes. Classic is the native version of the iPhone game and comes free of charge with the package. The game also boasts of a new high-score run mode named Sliders. Instead of lily pads spinning in place, these move back and forth across the screen. This means you need to hit a moving target, which is quite challenging once the pace picks up.

The Multiplayer mode is something very original to be introduced. Every time the game is fired up, a pre-determined random map is generated with lily pads placed here, there, everywhere around the screen. The goal is simple, eat your amphibious foe by jumping on them in a blink. Hitting the water does nothing, but it stalls your progress and allows your opponent to set themselves up for the kill. Once a player registers three kills, the game is won, but even getting those three kills is time-consuming and hard.

The last mode is named Memory and will appeal a lot to the card-matching game fans. Here, ever last frog needs to be unlocked. Overall, Dizzypad HD is a pretty decent game with visual appeal and should do the trick of puuting a smile on the casual gaming segments face for quite some time.

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