SuperTux is a very fun rip-off of the classic Super Mario 2d sidescroller adventure game. What sets it apart from Super Mario copycats, though, is a complete overhaul of Super Mario’s world. Super Mario is replaced by SuperTux, a cute black penguin that looks exactly like the plush penguin toys available in toy stores now. The graphics are also completely different. The bland color flat-looking stages are gone and replaced with brightly colored levels in multiple shades of blue. Almost all stages are set in snowy grounds—a fitting environment for the SuperTux the penguin.

Personally speaking, SuperTux is just too good to be free. There are 26 playable levels, some of which have bosses that are challenging to beat. There are 9 enemies here, all different from what you will encounter in the class Super Mario games. The addicting Mario sounds are replaced with a completely different, equally pleasant to listen background music. Like the classic 2d Mario game, this game has amazing replayability. Playing this game over and over again is a guilty pleasure I have surely committed!

SuperTux also puts a premium on customizability. You can configure your joystick preferences with your keyboard, so you don’t have to grope for the keys as you play the game. It is also compatible for the three major operating systems—Windows, Linux, and MacOSX—as well as a variety of other ‘exotic systems’.

This game is the first release of Milestone1, a group that consists of the following members:
1. Ingo Ruhnke
2. Matthias Braun
3. Marel Moeckel
4. Stephen Groundwater
5. Christoph Sommer
6. Wolfgang Becker
7. Ondrej (or Ondra) Hošek
8. Timothy Goya
9. Ryan Flegel
10. Arvid

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