Frozen Flowers is Fenrirís second album (2009) following up Whispers of the Old World which was released last 2007. Comparing the two, you would hear the difference in terms of sound quality which was dramatically improved and Celtic-Metal fans would surely not be disappointed with the several guitar highlights all throughout the compilation.

The Wanderer immediately sets up the album standard with haunting vocals, evocative lyrics and excellent interplay of instrumental lines. The White Dear radiates lovely melodies accompanied by outstanding singing that emphasizes the lead vocalís ability to keep up with the tempo and still be able to project her soprano voice over the energetic guitars and drums.


Metal Jig, on the other hand, is a subtle fusion of modern rock and classic Celtic music which stays true to its title: easy-to-listen music with the influence of heavy instrumental playing. Dawn of God brings life to every riffs, beats and lyrics and lets it shine brightly like the sun.

Frozen Flowers is a very good composition that has very distinct melodic lines which are influenced by their Celtic inspiration. Their ideas are quite novel and brilliant, bringing together the elements of classic and modern music genres together. Fenrir clearly made their latest compilation very impressive and will surely win a lot of listeners and fans in no time.

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