An extraordinary duo, Mary Spencer Knapp and Benjamin Marx, produces an overwhelming distinct sound by playing accordion, ukulele, upright bass, and clarinet at the same time.

Number is not anything, as this two makes a powerful big sound to the music scene. Fusing 19th century French chanson, 1960s American soul, and original indie-pop material, these artists deliver brilliance and genuineness through a countless of song styles.

Toot Sweet! was released in February 2013. All music was recorded at the studio of Stephen Greenberg. Among their influences are Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Erik Satie, Cole Porter, Eartha Kitt, Josephine Baker, Madeleine Peyroux, Kurt Weill, Max Raabe, Aretha Franklin, The Chiffons, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, and Beirut.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy is a song that would remind you of a 19th century ball. The song fused with accordion is very classy and is a delight to the ears. You may find your feet tapping along with the song.

Dark Road, on the other hand, is as elegant as the first track. This has a longer accordion intro, but has the same jazz beat.

In addition to that, Knapp’s singing in Roses reaches for more high notes.


As mentioned earlier, this duo produces music inspired by 19th century French chanson; thus, the track entitled, Mon Légionnaire is included.

Imagine watching an opera from the early times, comprising of classy and jazz melody. If you are too tired of listening to pop common music, this album is a great choice.

Track List:
1. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
2. Dark Road
3. Roses
4. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
5. Mon Légionnaire

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