Seamless3D is a 3D modeling and animation software. Just like other 3D programs, it takes time to get familiar with the interface. But if you are serious about making 3D models and animation, this is a good choice.

There are many features in the program so it can be used as an animator or mesh editor. But it is best known for its build node technology. In simple terms, the software allows you to do 3D operations in real time.

While Seamless3D is packed with many features it is user friendly. Making figures is relatively easy because of its Fast Click Skeleton Creation. Adding bones is as simple as inserting new nodes. Once you have completed the skeleton, you can put in more geometry using a variety of tools such as bendylathe, nurbslathe, rectangle, torus and more. These shapes can be converted to Nurbs, giving you greater control of an object.

One of Seamless3D’s biggest strengths is in animation. You just have to put an Anim bar in the scene node. After clicking the Anim node, you just have to move the figure in different ways. Other features that newcomers to 3D modeling will appreciate are the intuitive controls and the ability to import heads and figures that are pre-stitched. There is also vertex coloring, seamless chat, scripting and sound synthesis, poly modeling and the ability to import & export file formats. You can make movies, NURBS modeling and textures. There are several help files on the website, including videos.

For those who want to get into 3D but don’t want to splurge, Seamless3D is a good option. It has many powerful features that power users will appreciate. But there are enough help features to make it appealing to new users as well.

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