Founded way back in 2004 and previously known as Frantik Music, Toucan Music came up with this nineteen track compilation that includes DJ-friendly singles from 2002 (to present) in a variety of dance genres such as house, breakbeat, hardcore, chillout, and trance. Hailing from United Kingdom, Toucan Music provides original high quality full-length tunes with a broad range of style.

Another Boring Lunchtime makes its way to track number one. Produced and edited by Toucan Music’s main man Psychadelik Pedestrian, it showcases a number of piano and keyboard variations that can pump up and heighten the senses.

Marc Burt’s Last Flight Home has the 70’s and 80’s disco club jive which makes it a very good progressive trance soundtrack to play at house dance parties. While Online Funkstream’s Bass Tribe remains faithful to its name by providing bass and tribal sounds adhering to a beach-like theme.

By The Water at number fifteen is a text book style techno music that is almost always present in modern day club mixes. Lastly, Interference by JMD and Kube summarizes Best Bytes Volume 1’s genuinely crafted chill-out soundtracks. The Toucan vibe is generally upbeat and melodic, with strong lead sounds and catchy hook in most of their tracks.

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