Indulge in some soul and r&b with Phony Ppl‘s January 2012 release entitled Phonyland.

In this collection, the brooklyn-based musical group treats us with thirteen r&b tracks polished and honed to pass even the most astute listeners.

I Wish I Was a Chair encapsulates the band’s unique sonic palette. Soft, hushed vocals accompanied with funky saxophone and jazz arrangement makes this a must-hear piece.

Following with a lively energy, If This Is How Love Feels boasts refreshing vocals and playful instrumentation. Press play and let the sexiness of this song tickle your ears.

Does He Really slows down the tempo with sensual vocals and a fluid delivery. While Save My Generation wraps up the album with clean rapping blended with a groovy backdrop.

What makes Phonyland standout is how the band pushes two old friends (r&B and soul) to new formulas and foreign territories, resulting to fresh new tunes.

Track List:
1. Genesis
2. 4 The 1st Time
3. I Wish I was a Chair
4. If This Is How Love Feels
6. Does He Really
7. morninG light
8. Good?
9. John Jay
10. Current Events
11. Break it Off
12. Sometimes iii Think About You
13. Save My Generation

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