Here at FrostClick, we never get tired of featuring artists whose tracks greatly reflect their passion for music, and Derek Clegg is one of them. In his latest release titled Every Once In A While, the singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois treats old and new fans with 15 tracks of alternative folk melodies.


Utilizing various musical elements, title track Every Once in a While opens the album with a celebration of rhythm and sound. Here, Derek Clegg adds a boost of energy to alt rock with musings from percussion and string instruments.

Marvelous showcases a blend of acoustic strings and stripped down vocals. Tinges of atmospheric keys on the background add a whimsical flair to the piece.

Ideal for chilling out, Pennies will warm your heart as its folk melodies and charming delivery lingers in your ears. Moments uses the same musical mold as Pennies, except for the light touches of drum beats and tambourine to create texture.

Hell Has No Fury closes the album with well-penned lines mounted on a canvass of glowing, soothing keys. Press play and let this track calm your senses.

All in all, Derek Clegg never fails to deliver stellar tracks that relate well to listeners. His signature blend of pensive lines and mellow strings is always a pleasure to listen to any time of the day.

Track List:
1. Every Once In A While
2. Marvelous
3. Oklahoma City
4. Find Out When We Get There
5. All Will Be Good
6. Moments
7. Incredible
8. Your Reprise
9. Holy Cow
10. Pennies
11. Anything You Want
12. Don’t Be A Stranger
13. God Save The Queen
14. Plastic
15. Hell Has No Furry

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