Daydreaming has never been better when it’s coupled with some smooth and bold electro pop. Teen Men‘s new musical offering, Apartment in the City, shows this Delaware-based group’s distinct ability to produce wistful, fascinating melodies that perfectly suit any moment.

Opening track, Hiding Records (So Dangerous), stimulates our souls and gets our ears excited with polished vocals and chill instrumentation that sheds off the right amount of energy to keep us bumping. An infectious electro hook flutters its way to our ears with ease and solid beauty.

Following with sporadic beats and reverberating tunes, The Sea, The Sea is an introspective piece that’s perfect for long train rides while staring out into vivid landscapes. A shot of the song’s crisp vocals and silky melody will surely get you on the right mood.

René gives us a feeling of liberation with well-penned lines and atmospheric arrangement. The song highlights impeccable vocals that fits well to the genre.

It’s All Rushing Back wraps up the album in a celebration of dreampop tunes that are rhythmically designed to make your body move to the beat. The track is the backdrop while sitting by the bonfire with good friends, as it has this certain kind of eccentric vibe that stirs up the spirit.

teen men

Definitely a cool addition to anyone’s playlist, Apartment in the City is a well-crafted album that does not only remedy our ears with intricately weaved electro pop musings, but also warms the soul. Kudos to Teen Men for getting us hooked and wanting for more.

Track List:
1. Hiding Records (So Dangerous)
2. The Sea, The Sea
3. René
4. It’s All Rushing Back

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