There are a lot of useful Google Chrome extensions, and Feedly is one of them. It works like a news reader, informing you the latest news from blogs, feeds, Twitter, Facebook and other sites. The contents are displayed in a magazine-like manner. Feedly also integrates nicely with YouTube, Amazon, Delicious, Google Reader and other popular sites.

Feedly provides many ways to edit, work, display, filter and add content. Youíll have to spend some time configuring the program, but itís worth it. After setting up Feedly, you will end up with a custom made magazine digest consisting of stuff you want. The app also provides suggestions, a lot of which are pretty good and spot on.

To use Feedly you just need to open a Google account. The heart of the program is in the Preferences where you can manage various options. Among the sources you can choose are Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and many more. You can add sources from your bookmarks and history. These can be added easily with its built-in wizard.

Users can use the Explore side panel to look for various topics suggested by the program. Drag and drop and Organize Sources make it a breeze to arrange your sources. Your finished digest page is stylishly designed complete with updates from tracked sources, postings and the latest news. There are lists, options and pictures.

The displayed contents on Feedly can be shared, saved or recommended. If you open one of the stories, links and a brief summary will be shown. If you click Visit Site, you will be taken to the source. Feedly also has a Preview window you can use.

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