If you have played Star Control 2 before and loved it too much, then you’ll probably love Ur Quan Masters as well. ┬áThe game is an open source clone for Star Control 2 which was a 2D style RPG with arcade style combat.

Ur Quan Masters is not much different, except that it is equipped with an open source code and more updated graphics and gameplay. However, the spark of StarCon 2 is still there and playing it is definitely worth your time. Much like the original game, Ur Quan Masters aims to be an eclectic mix of game genres in just one game. There are role playing elements, as well as combat style fighting. Moreover, the game also has gathering and resource management elements incorporated in it.

Pretty much, the game is almost a complete replica of the StarCon2, except for one item; not being able to namesave games. As for the gameplay, it is very direct and straightforward. Essentially, you are in control of a single starship that is looked upon as the last ray of hope. You will then need to improve the vessel as well as its fleet. The goal is to make yourselves strong enough in order to challenge and defeat the Ur Quans (resident bullies of the galaxy.)

The publishers promise to make the game absolutely free for download throughout. When downloading, please take note that this small file will prompt the download of 3 bigger files for music, content and voice. All in all, you can expect to get a full file size of 140 MB.

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