Looking for a fun way to spend some time in front of your Mac? Then playing Bullfrog could beat away your stress and boredom. Bullfrog is an entertaining and fun game made especially for the Mac system.

In the game, you play a bullfrog that is trying to defend his home from bugs. Of course, the best way to beat these bugs is to stick out your sticky tongue and eat them! Of course, it’s not as simple as munching on bugs; you have to do it before the time expires or otherwise you lose your home for good. Bullfrog is a simple yet exciting new game available in the Mac platform. The graphics for the game is pretty good and reminiscent of old arcade style games. Every single round you will encounter new types of insects that have their own specialty and will continue to pester you and damage your home. Bees also show up on certain rounds and you get an extra time bonus once you manage to catch them.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, will also be around. You have to be extra careful around them, making sure they don’t land and bite you since they would suck out the time.

The nice thing about Bullfrog is that it is a kid-friendly game, so you won’t have to worry about your little sister, brother or even son or daughter getting a heavy dose of violent action.

As for the controls, it is fairly simple. Left and right arrow keys direct the movement of the bullfrog while the up arrow key will send your frog jumping. Pressing the spacebar allows you to nab those pesky insects with your sticky red tongue.

Bullfrog requires at least a Mac OSX 10. 4 or later in order to run smoothly.

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