With his melodic baritone voice and sweet piano playing, Danny Sherwood echoes the sultry and often somber mood of Morissey. Even the EP title sounds off a bit of melancholia from  The Smiths.

When My Ship Comes In is a lot like an afternoon lull after the heavy rain has passed. The short album only contains 5-tracks but the depth is beautiful and often mesmerizing.

Already a songwriter at a young age, Sherwood shares intimate moments of self-reflection through his carefully written lyrics and catchy melodies.

The EP starts with Flowers of Happiness; a single that is sweet and polarizing from beginning to end. You’ll find yourself stopping to listen as well as taking in every moment. Sherwood’s mastery of the piano and his easy transition from soulful baritone to a slight rock growl adds great depth to the song.

Bitter Ditty, meanwhile offers a slight jazzy touch to the compilation. Sherwood occasionally bashes the piano while growling out his bitter lyrics, creating a beautiful tension within the song. Lived in Sin, on the other hand, lifts up the mood of the EP a bit with its stop and go mellow/jaunty beat. It’s almost a honky tonk country sound that brings to mind Gogol Bordello.

Title track, When My Ship Comes In closes the EP in a somber note. Again, the piano work and vocals take center stage. However, the lyrics are great stories in themselves and worth noting as well.

To finish off, the album is polished and features great quality recording. It’s a plus that the songs are equally awesome as well. You can get this download for free so go ahead and enjoy.

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