Songbird Katrina Stone from Los Angeles, California, serenades the FrostClick scene again with her fifth full-length album titled “Never Wanna Grow Up.”

Packed with 10 tracks, this collection encapsulates what Katrina Stone is an artist as well as infectious pop indie melodies.


First track, Hands & Hearts, brightens up your day by fusing bright-hued lyrics with a some celebratory arrangement, which will surely keep you in a positive mood throughout the day.

Little White House captivates the ears via a whiff of whimsical air. Listen as Katrina Stone’s signature power vocals experiments with a playful delivery that’s too charming not to listen to.

Sugar concludes “Never Wanna Grow Up” with a dose of some retro-tinted melodies. Prepare to be hooked as this saccharine love song is paired some feet-stomping, catchy background vocals.

Katrina Stone’s “Never Wanna Grow Up” explores the themes of pin-up vintage retro scenes and translates it to funky melodic tracks, adding a touch of upbeat positivity in every note.

So press play, download, and let Katrina Stone share her music with you.

Track List:
1. Hands & Hearts
2. Forever Be (My Always)
3. Little White House
4. Never Wanna Grow Up
5. Bombs Away
6. Siren
7. Beautiful Things
8. Together Forever feat. Benj Heard
9. Your Favorite Song
10. Sugar

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