Good friends JAIEF & ASONG deliver their recent musical project, EARWORMS, which the duo describes as “a musical epiphany; an expression of their unsullied love for sound and quality rap; a celebration of their progressive journey through life, and an optimistic retrospective into a long, and yet on-going walk ingrained with ups and downs.”

The beat drops in Been Waiting (Feat. Rebekka Salomea). Here, steady narrative showcase well-loved hip-hop aesthetic, but what makes this track stand out is Rebekka’s lush vocals that injects the right soulful flavor to give some spice and kick.

Title track Earworm features layered rap delivery and an highly addictive beat. Turn your volume up and let the track’s booming beats pump through your veins. Flexin, on the other hand, capsulates the word ‘chill’ with grainy samples and rap verses delivered in an effortless manner. Hints of soft piano melodies add texture and emotion to this stellar track.

The collection closes in a celebration of electro hiphop with Glow. Listen as rhythmic beats and looping breaks and various technical effects build an eargasmic festival punctuated with an urban swag.


All in all, EARWORMS is a pleasurable hip-hop collection that both fans and casual listeners will enjoy. The tracks here attempts to create its own sound paired with high-quality rapping and an elite musical taste.

Track List:
1. Been Waiting (Feat. Rebekka Salomea)
2. Earworm
3. Flexin
4. R.I.P.
5. Glow

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