UK-based hip hop and electronic producer Vanilla releases his third and final installment of his soul-inspired beat tape series, which started with High Life released in 2011. Sweet Talk features 27 samples produced by the artist over the past two years. Yes, dear readers, it has 27 soulful songs all for free download via Bandcamp.

Put on you earphones and kick back while listening to Yesterday, which sets the mood of the collection with lush neo-soul tunes and jazz instrumentation that ooze with funk and grace in every corner.

Funk samples blended with powerful vocals continue to charm our ears with Wish You Were Here. This splendid piece boasts experimental beats that are cleverly interwoven with powerful vocals, creating a track that blooms in our ears with much ease and fluidity.

In Move, Vanilla sets our gears into chill mode as samples of ethereal humming that sounds like a tribal chant is mixed with smooth flowing hip hop beats and keys. A periodic ‘yeah’ adds a certain robustness to this different yet pleasurable track.


Title track Sweet Talk encapsulates Vanilla’s signature sound with samples of rich soul vocals, tweaked and wrapped with groovy beats that will surely elicit some body moving.

We must thank the gods of hip hop and soul that Vanilla exists as seldom will you encounter a mixtape as entertaining and cohesive like this. Each song in this album is sonically intertwined with each other that it demands you to listen to it from start to finish.

In Sweet Talk, Vanilla does not try too hard, but rather chooses to let his elite choice of beats and sample speak for his music.

Track List:
1. Free (Intro)
2. Yesterday
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Who Gets Your Love
5. Getting Over You
6. Move
7. Writing On The Wall
8. Lies
9. Tell You
10. Searching
11. Today
12. Champ
13. Goodbye
14. Real Thing
15. Falling In Love Again
16. Don’t You Remember?
17. Claimin’
18. Two Way Street
19. Sweet Talk
20. Architect Music II
21. NY
22. Sunshine
23. With You
24. Don’t Matter
25. Sometime
26. On My Mind
27. So Much To Me

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