Every day, we take different paths filled with unexpected detours and bumps. Sometimes, it’s frightening to explore uncharted territory, good thing there’s glorious music to accompany us on our journey.

The Vespers, a band consisting of two sibling duos from Nashville (Callie and Phoebe Cryar and Bruno and Taylor Jones), are focused on creating rich southern folk-pop harmonies to soothe our weary minds when life weighs heavily on our shoulders. This six-track primer of their recent album, Sisters and Brothers, is a sweet deal for old fans and new listeners.

The opening track, New Kids, embraces texture and uniqueness in their entirety. Stellar┬ávocals shine in gritty luster as sharp Americana tunes envelope our ears. The Vespers‘ sound offers sheer simplicity, rawness and youth, injecting our spirits with vigor and power to bite hard.

Break the Cycle follows with sporadic, bold beats that punctuate and paint a contrast with banjo strings. The subdued rhythmic beats slowly churn into a semi-upbeat arrangement, creating a canvass of dark-hued tones and sharply edged reverberations. Press play and listen how Callie and Phoebe sing verses about having your own sound and simply being yourself.

Lawdy takes a slower path with soft cooing acoustic guitars that intertwine with whispering nature sounds. Ghostly vocals add to the ambient vibe of the piece, which is perfect for relaxing and clearing the mind.

This primer not only gives us a sneak peek of what’s in store in The Vespers’ third album, but it also revamps southern folk music to appeal to a younger scope of audience through a fresh new look and a dash of zestiness.

Track List:
1. New Kids
2. Break the Cycle
3. Better Now
4. Lawdy
5. Sisters and Brothers (Live)
6. Out West (Live)

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