Seattle native Peter Michel, also known as Hibou, is here to amuse your hearing machine with Dunes. This EP is a collection of dreamy, vibrant, indie-pop tracks that are too irresistible to not put in your summer playlist.

Peter Michael, a former drummer of the band Craft Spells, exhibits an assortment of well-crafted and tantalizing sounds on this solo-project. With the warm set of pop songs, you will be totally taken into the sands and sun.

Hibou gives you the first taste of his palatable collection with Sunder, which is an easy breezy track that is comparable to the sensation that you feel when rays of sun are penetrating your bare skin while running barefoot across the green stretch of long grass. The sluggishly sung vocal line of Hibou establishes the 80’s synth pop vibe that is reflected throughout the entire record.

Valium is an impeccable track to sedate you into a land far away from the busy streets of the city. This song presents a well-arranged mesh of synths and dense guitar strums that will lull you to nostalgia.

Above Us brings that west coast rhythm. The guitar lines interweaving with the low-pitched vocals of Hibou, will transport you into a perfect lazy summer afternoon.

Go ahead and drench yourself in a pool of summer vibe and dreamy tunes. Indulge yourself into Hibou’s washed out tracks and experience summer in a way you never did before.

Track List:
1. Sunder
2. Valium
3. Above Us
4. In The Sun
5. Motion

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