It is not quite often that we hear from a band all the way from Austria that caters to our spiritual needs and this is where still noah comes in. They create music and songs to share the wonderful melodies and thoughts life has to offer that will surely warm your hearts and move your emotions.

Ahead is their first EP released last 2010. The three track album contains songs that are not perfectly studio-mastered yet certainly will be very enjoying when listened to. Itís a matter of taste and quality despite having the records made at home and restricted by their own limitations. Expect a mix of pop and rock music with a little bit of spiciness here and there.

It kicks off with Finally, easily emphasizing its acoustic vulnerability which is a common delight of spiritual sensitivity. Followed by Decide, striking a balance between the trending natures of our current genres while staying faithful to oneís core. Lastly, Eternity is a soiree of percussion instruments, capturing a dramatic and inspirational motif for the listeners.

still noah did a good job in providing deep satisfaction and the ability to publicly express emotions that are somewhat coded within us. Ahead is a good listen which would effortlessly creep into your ears and is guaranteed to be of good company every minute of your day.

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