The first thing you need to now about Al Cruzar La Calle is that she defines her project as “Poetry with a music background”. She is one of the most talented writers of her city. Al Cruzar La Calle is an up-and-coming artist from Maracaibo (Venezuela). Although she claims to be just an adolescent dreamer with too much time on her hands and an out-of-tune guitar, her first album says she’s a whole lot more.

She is the living proof that you don’t need to be the greatest musician to write a real good song. She has an angelical voice, but her guitar skills need more improvement. And that is great, I’m sure that if she knew how to really play the guitar her songs would become more organic and with less feeling. And in this kind of music this is exactly what you need.

If you mix Julieta Venegas, Andrea Etcheverri and Julio Cortazar, the result would be Al Cruzar La Calle’s first album.


The Album:

Asuntos Internos:
This song is not even two minutes long, but feels like a colossal response to the eternal dilemma of “what a girl wants.” She’s the owner of a very delicate tiny voice and works with a very limited chest of instruments, but melody-wise, she’s not the least intimidated. She wants someone to kiss, someone to hug, someone who can read her Julio Cortazar poems, and of course, someone to bring her coffee to bed every morning. Is that too much to ask?

Romanticismo Ultravioleta:
This song is a see-through manifesto where demagogy drives artistic populism and the virtuosity of an entire generation is put into question. “Im so easy to love and so easy to forget,” she sings. I disagree with the latter. Sometimes you could be lost, you could easily think that this is a poem and not a song, and that is a very difficult trick to master. A very beautiful folksy tune, my album favorite. Her voice reminds me of a very young Julieta Venegas here.


Track Listing
2.En realidad
3.Girasol Rojo
4.Romanticismo Ultravioleta
5.La La La
6.Asuntos Internos
7.Así era yo, antes de morir…
8.Los filósofos siempre terminan solos
10.La anécdota de los ojos verdes
11. Octubre

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