Make way for heavy duty gaming action with MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries. This game belongs to the very popular and widely rated MechWarrior franchisee, and the publisher is none other than Microsoft Game Studios; developed by FASA Studios.

The game brings you a good dose of adrenaline pumping action with loads and loads of machinery thrown-in everywhere. Developed with the help of Mechwarrior 4 engine, it looks gorgeous to say the least.

MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries has a very in-depth plot and the gameplay is far from becoming stagnant. It has a variety of levels to offer with some of the most visually detailed maps. MW4M is a RPG set between the years 3066 and 3067, where players take on the role of mercenary BattleMech pilot who travels within the fictional region of the BattleTech Universe called the Inner Sphere. What will really interest players is the objective and it is far from winning and losing. The object of the MW4M is to earn money by beating the opponents and using the earned money for further improvement to the arsenal; and also for hiring extra MechWarriors to ones clan.

The setting is very natural and the choice of missions initially decides on what future missions are assigned to a player. So for example, if a player is a heavy-duty civilian and neutral target destroyer, he earns infamy points. This accumulated in higher numbers limit the player to brutal and unethical missions. Something really new in a game and brings the situation closer to real-life.

Further, the game has two war-factions, they being House Steiner and House Davion. Choosing either side results in a different ending and different missions.

Being an online multiplayer game, MW4M enjoys numerous number of mods, maps, cheats, and other tools that add to the overall play-ability. The game also supports a chatbox for players to choose between talking to teammates or to all in the game. It has a lot to offer and the system requirements are very moderate with any new-age PC.

So all FPS fans and hardcore action fanatics, this game is your true escape into some serious destruction and cold-blooded war. Choose your side and let the WAR begin.

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