Atlantaís Book Club is an indie folk septet that reimagines classic marriage of vocals and carefully crafted orchestration by transforming their heritage into sound unbound by history.
Their new 5-song EP, Shapes On The Water, showcases the band’s sweetly-sung coed harmonies nestled into thoughtful arrangements. The songs blend classic influences like Cash, Petty, Dylan, and Reed, with a country, pop, and indie spin. Singer-songwriter Robbie Horlick strums a nylon-stringed acoustic, leading the 7-piece band through his honest tales of love and heartache, with an interpretation as modern as it is hauntingly timeless.

Oh! You Lied mixes contemporary rock and pop sounds with what has always helped country music quite enjoyable to listen to. Understand Please Understand is a beautifully performed track with a lyric that is one of the better ways to equate the feeling of lost love.


Love Like Parachutes features a moody melody, emotive ballad that we expect from the band. And Your Navy And Your Nurse is an ear-pleasing track with an uplifting sing-along ready tune that wraps up the five track EP in a cohesive, tight, and distinctive type of sound.

Shapes on the Water is the Book Clubís sophomore release and captures the bandís song writing, musicianship and arrangements in their finest yet expanding its sonic and thematic horizons.

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