We will never run out of new bands to discover and new music to try. With the great number of bands breaking musical boundaries, the number of new genres are also staggering. Meet Scowler, a band who self-decribes their sound as “Milwaukee non-denominational hardcore”. But can we all agree that amidst all these new multi-hyphenated genres, all good music will just be defined as what it really is? Good music.

Their debut EP How To Find Light was released early this year and has garnered them quite a following among fans of the hardcore genre. The first track Tell Us, Mr. Sir displays the band’s musical armory – shrieky vocals, gorgeous throbbing bass lines and furious guitar riffs. Upon listening to the record, one can clearly notice that the band is definitely influenced by bands such as At the Drive-in and Beau Navire.


Beautifully titled Specifically, In Waves is a build up towards a frenetic explosion of vocals and those powerful bass lines. At 2:36 onwards, be prepared to have your jaw drop open with a bass exhibition that will surely make you take notice and hit the repeat button just to hear that awesome bass drop.

For those who are into the blood-pounding, screeching vocals type of music, Scowler is one band you add to your growing playlist. This five-track EP is tight and loud – just the way you want it.

Track List:
1. Tell Us, Mr. Sir
2. Specifically, In Waves
3. Johnny Razor
4. Lost Pages
5. Heavy Throat

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