Warsow is a futuristic shooter, but right away you will see that itís a lot different from the others, with its stylish, cartoony-like graphics. But thereís nothing cartoony about the action, which is fast paced and the weapons selection is great too. The Warsow development team has also included numerous game modes for your enjoyment.

All the classic FPS multiplayer modes are here like Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Capture the Flag, plus other modes like Duel, Race, Instagib and Clan Arena, plus Bomb & Defuse, Headhunt and Team Domination.

Warsow allows players to perform complex trick jumps, although it will take some time to learn and master them, plus you can do a double dash jump, accelerate and dodge. While the game features a lot of weapons, learning these skills is still necessary to become a great player.

Itís good to note that the sound effects are very exciting and fit the cartoon like atmosphere. This definitely adds another dimension to the game, making it even more engrossing.

The background music is also nice and doesnít get in the way of the action, either. If youíre an advanced gamer, you can use its scripting system to create new mods and maps. Itís also become very popular so anytime you go online you will find more than a few people ready to play the game.

The gameplay is smooth, and the cartoon-like graphics really add a nice touch to this game, making it very different from the FPS shooters out there. If you love multiplayer shooters but want to try something different, grab this one.

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