Aion is a free to play MMORPG, originally released in South Korea but now freely available in Europe and North America too. In this epic fantasy game from NCsoft, combat and magic are the main elements, and you get to experience Player vs. Environment, and Player vs. Player. You can also choose from different classes.


Set in the fantasy world of Atreia, you have to chose between two factions and develop your character. There are four classes in the game, priests, mages, scouts and warriors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses so it is up to you to choose.

In true MMORPG fashion, you begin as a fledging hero and gain experience and abilities by going quests, killing monsters, going up against other warriors and when you are ready, fight a horde of dragons.

What this means is there is a lot of action, and it is accompanied by some pretty cool graphics, which are very smooth, and the sound effects are nothing short of crisp. But its real strength is the sheer size of its world, not to mention the updates and expansions packs that keep appearing. You can literally spend hours in a single zone as it has gigantic fortresses, towns, and landscapes.

The action in Aion is also very intense, spiced up by Korean-style combat, and the levels you can reach, player customization, fine turning of weapons, armor, are vast, much more so than other games.
Finally, the game has a huge fan base, so anytime you enter the game there is a lot of activity going on – the action never stops.

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