There are a lot of complex games on mobile for those who want an immersive experience, and there are also titles for those who want something more casual. A good example of the latter is Floors by Ketchapp. Just like their other games, the concept is simple, impossible to beat and highly addictive.

Floors is an endless runner with platformer elements where you have to leap over spikes and other objects to get out of a room and into another one. The further you go the more points you will score, which is one of the objectives here.

If you manage to successfully get out of a room you will end up in one of the other rooms in the building and go through more spikes. The building has four floors and the spikes are generated on random – so whenever you play it looks different. It sounds simple in theory but it’s difficult as you have to learn how to adjust your character’s movement in relation to the spikes. That’s the basic premise and you have to do this for as long as you can.

Floors follows the basic formula of other Ketchapp and endless runner games, and that is not really a bad thing considering the result. If you have played any of these casual games before, you know how it works. While Floors borrows many elements from it, this is still a fun game and excels in what it does, mainly keep you occupied and happy for a few – or several – minutes playing the game.

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