Grief is like navigating through Dante’s Divine Comedy minus the gore. This cool puzzle platformer sees you exploring the mind of a young girl who is seeking to find some clarity and answers.

The game is an interesting take on what goes on in the mind of the young protagonist. It features 20 levels of cool puzzles that will certainly please any gamer.

Grief was created by Magnesium Ninja Studios, a Richmond, BC indie game development studio. They’ve released countless other indie games throughout years and Grief is their most recent one.

The game starts off easy but as you play, it progressively becomes more challenging. One lovely twist to the game is that you need to switch between optimism and pessimism when it comes to solving the puzzles. Making this switch allows the protagonist to have certain special skills that’s needed in solving the puzzle. For instance, depending on which mode you set her in, she can crawl through spaces or maybe jump higher. Your main goal in each level is to collect the little girl’s teddy bear before heading out the exit. However, it’s also possible to finish the game without gathering up the bears.

Grief makes everything interesting by providing various obstacles for the little girl. There are ghosts, boxes as well as black orbs that you must utilize or avoid. In addition to this, the game doesn’t have a save feature. Neither is there an auto-save feature so expect to play the game for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours straight and finish it, otherwise you’re going to have to start again. Even though it’s lacking a save feature, this makes victory so much sweeter. There’s an in-game tutorial as well so you can learn the controls along the way.

Overall, the game is a must-play. The concept is intriguing and the gameplay is fantastic. The puzzles are very clever and sometimes you need a moment or two to try and figure them out; making it all the more enjoyable. Grab the download by hitting the Download Game link on the upper left.

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