2020 My Country is a city building game for the iOS and Android. Published by Game Insights, this is city building on a large scale. Unlike other city simulation games, 2020 My Country gives a large tract of land to start out, which is really nice so you can get going quickly. There is also a tutorial to guide you, great for newbies.

2020 My Country starts you out with the tutorial, teaching you all the basic concepts. It is also very easy to put buildings in place, but the challenge and difference here is the way you earn and make money. You can complete contracts to earn cash, stars and various items to help with your building endeavors. The items are particularly important because you can use them to hire staff and new members such as police officers, building managers, all of which are necessary to build new offices.

This not only makes 2020 My Country unique but it is also interesting. In addition, the game has plenty of different buildings as well as objectives to keep you hooked. For instance, burglars can break into buildings and must be captured. You also need to deliver mail quickly, and doing so will earn you bonuses.
It’s those little things that make 2020 My Country a real cool game. If money or energy runs low, you can replenish them by collecting income. The graphics are really good, and you really feel the city coming to life and growing. It’ll take a while to build a sprawling mega city, but it is worth it.

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