Small Street is an “economy building” game, but rather than construct a tower where your residents can live in, this one will have you building a town and a strip mall. Created by Glu Games, it allows you to build shops, apartments and restaurants, populate them and find employment for your citizens.

Small Street also has staffing businesses, and you also have to set up a taxi service to transport people, find jobs for them, and perform other tasks that are necessary to keep the economy going. While the game does have in app purchases, they are not necessary for building. This is because the credits in the game can be earned quickly.

It’s also worth noting the buildings in Small Street stock up very rapidly, and the taxi requests are numerous. It’s also a blast seeing the shoppers going through the streets. Small Street also generates new tasks for you to do so your businesses can be upgraded. In addition you can also create special features such as rooftop items to perk up your business.

In other words, Small Street is more than just a Tiny Tower clone, as it provides a lot of things for you to do. Unlike other freemium games that require you to make a ton of in app purchases to keep playing, Small Street has plenty of stuff that you can do here, so you can expect to play it for a long time to come. The graphics are nice, and the generous amounts of credit make this a good one.

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