Block Craft 3D is a city building simulator from Fun Games for Free that should appeal to casual gamers. The controls are simple enough: tap the blocks button, drag the block and place it on the ground to start building. While that’s the basic control, there’s a lot more to this game than that.

As the game progresses your supply should grow, but at the start you will only have a limited amount of gems and supplies, so you need to manage your resources carefully. But if you build a structure that gains you experience you’re going to earn more coins. There are a lot of structures you can build that can do this, but for the best results, go with houses or workshops.

As you construct buildings, keep an eye on the coins section and wait for it to turn green. When it does that means the building is going to make money for you, so it’s a good idea to complete it. The more buildings you complete, the more structures will be unlocked, and you’re going to gain more experience.

If you have never played a city simulator on mobile before, it might seem confusing and difficult to go around, but there’s a tutorial at the start which explains the controls and what you have to do.

Block Craft 3D also lets you eliminate old buildings and replace them with new ones, great if you want to give your city a facelift. If you make a mistake during the construction, just tap and hold the block you want to remove and it will disappear. Overall Block Craft 3D is a good city building simulator that’s easy enough for a beginner to try out.

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